Structural Steel

If the structural plan sections of your blue prints requires any structural steel, it would be purchased from a steel company that deals with structural steel.  Generally, the framing contractor erects the steel during the framing process.

Structural steel can be located in various places throughout your home.  (GIVE EXAMPLES OF WHERE)  Structural steel transfers loads down to the footer of your home from different load bearing points.

Depending on the amount of steel in the home, it can take an hour to set or it might take as long as the framing process. (HOW LONG DOES THE FRAMING PROCESS TAKE)


Basement Framing

Framing Contractors take care of this step.

Basement framing consist of the framing (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN) walls and structural steel in the basement of your home.   It usually takes a couple of days for this process to be finished depending on the layout of the walls and the floor plan.


1st Floor Deck

Framing Contractors take care of this step.

The first floor deck consists of floor joist,(DEFINE) structural steel, and sub floor (NEED TO DEFINE SUB FLOOR) along with any stairs you may have that go to the basement or second floor.

This process generally takes a day again depending on the complexity and size of the home you are building.   During the scheduling process, it is important to find out from your framing contractor how long the process will take.  They should provide you the information broken down into the following step:

·       Basement

·       Walls

·       1st floor deck

·       1st floor walls

·       2nd floor deck

·       2nd floor walls

·       And so on up to and including roof trusses and sheathing

2nd Floor Deck

The second floor deck consists of floor joist, and subfloor along with any structural steel that may be needed.  This deck is where your second floor walls will sit.  You also incorporate the stairs above and below the respective floors, from the deck.


2nd Floor Walls

Sit on the second floor deck.   The wall can and do carry in most cases your roof trusses, which make up your roof.  The walls have load bearing points that carry loads from the roof to second floor deck and first floor walls which transfer to the first floor deck and foundation down to the footer.