Landscaping Planning - Part 1: So you want to make a landscaping plan

Welcome! This is the first in a series of posts that we plan on publishing regarding our process and steps taken all the way from concept to implementation of a full landscape design plan for the new homes we build.  We aren’t professional landscapers, nor do we claim to be; we simply are attempting to teach ourselves the process and relay it in a simple and visual process that can be replicated by others. As the posts continue, you will see the progress span from mapping out the existing landscaping all the way to finalization of the design. This series will follow the landscape development of a property of ours at 2134 Emily’s Lane in Falls Church, Virginia.

There are four basic steps to creating a landscape design: 

  1. Bubble Diagram
  2. Concept Plans
  3. Draft Designs
  4. Completed Landscape Design

With each step we encounter a new set of questions that require specific answers dependent upon our results. This process is much more detailed than just planting pretty flowers and shrubs; there’s a lot to take into consideration when creating a landscape design and we intend on sharing our plan so you can go out and start your own. Take a look at our property grading plan  to see where we’re beginning.

So stay with us as we go through this series and hopefully by the end you’ll feel confident enough to take your current landscaping to a more powerful and purposeful design, just like ours at Emily’s Lane.

Landscaping Process 2 of 5: Bubble Diagram