Special Projects: Building a Kitchen Island

The original kitchen island we had built for the home. 

The original kitchen island we had built for the home. 

Now that we officially have our own welding table, it’s time to put it to work. Our first project in which we utilized the table was for a custom-sized kitchen island per request of a new homeowner that was purchasing one of our homes.

They wanted a more robust kitchen island than previously installed and it was agreed upon that we would change it prior to them moving into the home.

We essentially had to build and weld a very sturdy ‘L’ shape once the clients agreed upon the design. We presented them with a few options first and they selected the fully covered end, rather than the one using two legs for supports.

While building a kitchen island sounds complicated, we were responsible for designing the steel supports that the granite would rest both on top as well as a cascading side. The actual cabinetry of the island would remain intact and our steel frame would rest on top of the cabinets acting as the opposing end support.

Without over-explaining, the pictures provide the best representation, both with our original renderings as well as the final product.